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We invite you to please take a look at our sample websites, select each one and browse
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Sample Sites
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Your website is a critical tool for communicating what you do and is an effective and inexpensive way to announce events, promote your initiatives, and share information.
We offer two complete Website options with free updating for 30 days

After 30 days we have to charge $20 per hour for website updates

Our website plan
includes a domain name (of your choice) and a web hosting plan for 1 year.

** Ask about $9.95 per year for your domain name & hosting account (Do not include a guest book)  **

After one year expires the owner of the website will have to pay $29.87 per year for each year thereafter (most hosting companies charge a lot more).
After the first year the hosting company "bananic" will notify via email one month prior to hosting account renewal. So create your pages content, consider a design theme and your options by looking through our templates on the
"Sample Sites" page.

Please read the instructions & information about websites & hosting on the I
nstructions, Domain Info pages.

After making a decision please go to Design Request Form and fill out the form, then go to the "Buy it Now" page on our other website to make your FIRST payment of TWO
Payment in two parts, Initial cost of $40 to set up your domain name & hosting account.
Then after yoursite.com is on the internet pay the remaining fee of $360 or $460 a total of $400 or $500 depending on the Type "A" or "B" (details on
Instructions page)











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